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Certified Code Shop

We take pride in being a certified code shop, providing reliable and compliant services for a wide range of industries. As a certified code shop, we adhere to the highest industry standards and regulations to ensure the safety, quality, and precision of our products and services. With our expertise and certification, you can trust us to deliver exceptional solutions that meet your specific code requirements.

Welding specialist
  • Compliance Assessments: We conduct thorough assessments of your equipment, systems, and processes to ensure compliance with relevant codes and regulations. Our team of experts reviews your existing installations, identifies any non-compliance issues, and provides recommendations and solutions to bring your operations up to code.

  • Fabrication and Manufacturing: We have the capability to fabricate and manufacture equipment and components that meet industry-specific codes and standards. Whether you require pressure vessels, structural steel, or specialized industrial components, we ensure that all fabrication processes and materials adhere to the required codes and specifications.

  • Inspections and Testing: We perform detailed inspections and testing to verify compliance with relevant codes and regulations. We conduct thorough examinations of equipment, systems, and installations to identify any deficiencies or non-compliance issues. Our team utilizes advanced testing techniques to ensure that your assets meet the necessary code requirements.

  • Repair and Recertification: In the event of code violations or equipment failures, our we provides repair and recertification services. We assess the issues, develop effective repair plans, and execute the necessary repairs to bring your equipment back into compliance. We ensure that all repaired or modified equipment is recertified to meet the required code standards.

  • Documentation and Compliance Management: We assist you in maintaining accurate documentation and managing compliance records. Our team helps you navigate the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that all necessary documentation, reports, and certifications are in place. We provide comprehensive compliance management solutions to streamline your operations and demonstrate adherence to applicable codes and regulations.

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